ATEK Communications Can Provide Your Company With National Roll-Out- Complete End to End Design- Build Structured Cabling and IT Services

National Cabling Services- National Data Cabling Services

ATEK Communications will gladly provide your company national roll out capabilities with 7x24 Support for all your systems and equipment. We have the technical staff available on a standby basis to cover all your needs, from routine weekend maintenance to an Emergency System down call. Our 24 hour dispatch center is there to help you. 24x7 Coverage is not a standard service offering. Not all customers require, or even need it, depending on the Application. Please contact us for additional information, Service Level Agreements, and a pricing guide tailored for your individual Corporate needs.

If you require One Drop or 1000 drops or Multiple Locations, Our Customer Service Project Managers Provide:

  1. ATEK Will Review Customer Current Equipment and Services Inventory for Accuracy Of Services To Be Quoted

  2. ATEK Will Verify Existing Needs With Competitive Pricing- ATEK Will Provide National Services At "Local Pricing"

  3. ATEK Will Optimize Services-ATEK will provide the best technician for the job and match his or her skills with the scope of work that is required

  4. ATEK Will Document Service Issues - Routine, Serious, Chronic and Catastophic

  5. ATEK Will Assist in Determining Customer Current and Future Network Communication Requirements. ATEK will assist in providing a costs effective solution for a minimum of 3-5 year "Future Proofing" of your network needs.

  6. ATEK Will Identify Appropriate Mix of Carriers and Products to Meet Customer Requirements FRom T-1s- PRI Circuits, Fiber Design and Fiber Build Out

  7. ATEK Will Develop a Detailed Solution For Local, Regional or National Roll Outs

  8. ATEK Will Clearly Communicate an Implementation Plan On Time and Within Budget

  9. ATEK Will Project Manage the Complete Implementation Process

  10. ATEK Will Work With Your Internal Financial People To Verify Accuracy of Billing

  11. ATEK Will Determine "Real Time" if Customer Needs are Being Met

  12. ATEK Will Continuously Inform the Customer About New Product Solutions that can Increase Efficiency and Reduce Overall Network Costs and Repeat the Entire Process Through Ongoing Regularly Scheduled Customer Contact



ATEK provides Professional Telecommunications Services for Voice, Video, Central Office and Data Applications in all 48 contiguous States, along with Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

We Specialize In National Rollouts- Retail-Chain- Franchise

Now that we have successfully made the transition into the new millennium, the telecommunications industry faces the exciting challenge of growing and changing with the times. ATEK Communications gladly accepts this opportunity to move forward with our customers into a highly dynamic and global era.

LAN/WAN Systems - Equipment Installation

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