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    BNC Coax Connectors Pricing Page-

    BNC Connectors- SMA Connectors- F Connectors-SMA Series Connectors- SMB Series Connectors- SMC Series Connectors-TNC Series Connectors-UHF Series Connectors- Micro Coaxial Connectors- N Series Connectors-TNC Connectors

    ATEK Communications is the exclusive USA distributor for Brasil SAT connectors including, a $100 million company with production facilities worldwide in the production of a vast array of connectors, wireless products towers, and microwave systems.BRASILSAT produces and installs the complete infrastructure for telecommunication systems. In its two industrial plants, located in Curitiba manufactures telecommunication towers, concrete and metallic shelters, shelters with integrated towers, antennas for land and satellite communications, microwave passive reflectors, antennas for cellular/ telephony, wll and pcs, RF connectors and wave-guide components.

    Some of the additional connector products are listed below.

    DIN 7 Connectors-DIN 41 Connectors-F Series Connectors
    Micro Coaxial Series Connectors
    N Series Connectors
    1.0 / 2.3 Series Connectors
    1.6 / 5.6 (75V) Series Connectors
    SMA Series Connectors
    SMB Series Connectors
    SMC Series Connectors
    TNC Series Connectors
    UHF Series Connectors

    For more information, please contact any of ATEK's offices for further information including project pricing.

    Call Tollfree (866) 650- DATA or (727) 547-2200 for additional information

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