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Data Center Removal-Data Center Equipment Removal- Data Center Equipment Removal Services- Data Center Decommissioning- Data Center Demolition- National Data Center Equipment Removal Services     

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ATEK National Telecommunications, Data, Fiber Optic & IT Services Including All Data Denter Removal and Data Center Liquidation

National Data Contractor- National IT Services-Structured Cabling Services- Network Security-Project Management- NOW CISCO CCIE CERTIFIED- National Structured Cabling Contractors- Central Office Design & Installation-Telephone System Installation- National Rollouts - IT - Fiber Optics - Fiber To The Home- FTTH-Construction-Phone Systems- Security - Biometric Security - Fiber Optic Security

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ATEK specializes in data center removal of and replacement of air-handling equipment, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power distribution units (PDU), standby backup diesel generators, and raised access flooring. Our Data Center Removal And Data Center Colocation decommissioning and data center demolition services help commercial real estate owners, tenants and managers dispose of their data center infrastructure equipment using EPA certified methods with our crews that have diposed of IBM, HP, Microsoft and more data centers.. Our team of associates can maximize return on investment while mitigating risks. Decommissioning your data center site is serious business and must not damage the building infrastructure and must comply with current State and Federal laws affecting recycling data center equipment. As part of the service, equipment can be sold to third parties for the highest price possible. We can also liquidate all the data center assets to help off-set demolition costs. If you are planning an upgrade or a move to a new facility, our expertise in carefully planning and executing data center relocations is unmatched in the industry. Before you see any trucks and forklifts on site, our team will already have planned your move and insured that your equipment will meet the demands of your new location and its climate.  Our prior planning means that your business will experience the least possible downtime, guaranteed. Your equipment will receive white glove treatment from de-install to reinstall, and our engineers will give you added piece of mind that your equipment will run as smoothly or better at your new location. We’ll have you back up and running before your team’s vacations are finished!


















Data Center Liquidation Services Provided For Decommissioning and Demolition - Remember to consider ATEK when Designing and Re- Building your New Data Center!

  • Project management- We also
  • Complete Site Demolition and decommissioning- We take care of ALL LOGISTICS and EQUIPMENT REMOVAL
  • Removal of old cabling, A/C, UPS, raised floors, cabling, overhead racks, diesel generators
  • EPA Certified Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Equipment brokerage services and equipment re-manufacturing options
  • Disposal or Recycling of Materials
  • Liquidate assets including raised floors, UPS, PDUs, diesel generators, HVAC and cabling.
  • Requirements identified in proposal format
  • Scope definition process: Project specification collection and scope of work definition processes & pre-bid site visit
  • Present project parameters & proposal
  • Approval process, deliver asset purchase agreement and decommissioning project contract
  • Scheduling & project coordination
  • Project commencement
  • Project execution
  • Dispose of assets
  • Final site restoration completion and sign-off


Data Center Liquidation and Decommissioning A Data Center IT Checklist:

Things to Consider Before Decommissioning A Data Center

The first step is to put a comprehensive strategy in place. You need to assess the operating expenses and financial liabilities facing your company and department. Remember that it takes longer to decommission a date center than you might think it should so immediately develop a time-line that considers costs, project management, disposal time, construction and environmental impact..

  1. Lease Review. What are your existing lease requirements for decommissioning and what are the requirements for the final state of the space? Make sure someone with expertise reviewed your lease since decommissioning can be an expensive process.
  2. What outside professional assistance do you need to sell the CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioners) units, disable the sprinkler or fire suppression systems and dispose of diesel engine equipment and tanks?
  3. Do you have the time and expertise to decommission a data center while preparing to move to a new location? Can you assign a project manager to this process?
  4. Develop an inventory of assets
  5. Contact any fiber carriers early in the process and determine a transition plan
  6. What service contracts to you have in place for all your equipment? Develop a termination plan for all contracts.
  7. Can you negotiate with your existing landlord to take over some of the assets you have in place in exchange for decommissioning the space?
  8. Do you have a strategy for IT equipment decommissioning, asset tracking for disposal of scrap or resalable equipment?
  9. What resources do you have in place for demolition and reconstruction?
  10. Establish master plan and coordinate all resources and tasks to complete on time and on budget.
  11. How do you dispose of hazardous material in a environmentally safe manner?
  12. Are you maximizing the value of your existing assets to pay for some of the decommissioning work?

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DATA CENTER Installations- More Info






ATEK National Telecommunications, Data, Fiber Optic & IT Services

National Data Contractor- National IT Services-Structured Cabling Services- Network Security-Project Management- NOW CISCO CCIE CERTIFIED- National Structured Cabling Contractors- Central Office Design & Installation-Telephone System Installation- National Rollouts - IT - Fiber Optics - Fiber To The Home- FTTH-Construction-Phone Systems- Security - Biometric Security - Fiber Optic Security

Call us at (866) 650-DATA

ATEK Communications is a national data contractor that has BICSI certified installers fully versed in structured data cabling and fiber optic distribution designs and installations for a wide range of fiber optic network and structured cabling environments and applications.Our National Data Contractor and national IT services free you to allocate your staff for other projects. Whether you have one office or multiple locations throughout the US, ATEK can provide you timely and cost effective structured cabling solutions. Being a national data contractor with offices throughout the US we can effectively stage and manage all your telecommunications buildouts. With our affiliates located in every state in the US we can help you integrate your voice,data, IP, and telecommunication networks seamlessly over fiber cable. Let ATEK Communications arrage your remote locations with our 24- hour on- site and remote management services.Our customer service department, systems engineers, contracts coordinator and technical support staff have an in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications industry. We work closely with our customers to develop and deliver innovative solutions for the most challenging, business critical requirements.

ATEK-Your 21st Century Data Contractor- We Now Service All of the 48 States- Call Us For More Information

Outside Plant Cable Testing And Cable Certificafication- More Info

Fiber Characterization FiberCertifications For New & Existing Cable Plant-More Info

Fiber Cable Testing and Certification For Commercial,Data Centers and Carriers-More Info

Das Wireless Services- More Info

Strucured Cabling Services- More Info

National Telecommunications Roll Out Services- More Info


Fiber To The Home - National FTTH Installations

National Data Contractor Services-National Data Rollouts- National Fiber Optic Cable Installations- National Cable Installations- We can Dispatch Technicians Anywhere In The U.S. or Overseas

  • Complete End To End IT Services
  • Comprehensive Roll-out Capabilites For National Chains With Multiple Locations
  • Turnkey Project Management For Multi-Location Companies- Let ATEK's "A-TEAM" handle all your logisticas &-installations- across the USA, Alaska, and Hawaii
  • IT Services Including Application Software Engineers
  • Design- Build- Engineering Services
  • Moves, adds and changes to telephone systems, LAN and WAN networks
  • DSL Installations
  • T-1 Installations
  • Wireless Integration
  • Firewalls
  • Routine and emergency service calls
  • OSP- Outside Plant Field Surveys
  • OSP Installations
  • OSP Directional Boring
  • New systems sales and installations
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Service almost any Key or PBX system
  • Voice mail systems
  • Coordination with local phone company
  • Cabling - voice, data, fiber and audio/video
  • Software upgrades
  • Video conferencing
  • Storage/warehousing services
  • Equipment brokering
  • Quick response time - two to four hours for emergency situations- We also offer immediate telephone-toll-free technical support contracts with RMAT diagnostics.
  • We will work with your company's budget to offer you a very competitive rate structure for any or all our services


Call Us at (888) 909- 2835 For Local Residential- Commercial- Carrier-Municipal or Government Cabling- LAN-WAN- National Roll Outs- Contractor-Network Integration- Cabling Contractors DAS- Distributed Antenna Systems




Our Core Business is to provide our customers a complete array of telecommunications services including: Professional IT Services ,VAR for several major network equipment manufacturers, National Cabling Contractor Services,Fiber Optic Network and cable installations, Telecommunication IT services, Voice and Data Installation, Maintenance which include Add, Moves and Changes work for most common telepone systems and computer LAN/WANnetworks.

New National Wireless- Backhaul Wireless Services

National Data Contractor- National IT Services-National Project Management-National Structured Cabling Contractors- Structured Cabling Services-Cisco Trained & Certified

National Telecommunications & IT Services

National Account Staging/Redistribution Of Equipment & Personnel
With most companies these are 'mission critical components' and ATEK offers the following:

  • Kitting-Receive shipments and equipment- ATEK will consolidate-combine-build-racking-fiber optic- equipment for your company offsite- and re-distribute to other locations for you
  • Discounted hardware-we can offer extreme discounts for all your hardware equipment including fiber optic cable, gigabit ethernet switches, routers, hubs, patch panels- patch cords.
  • Let ATEK "bundle" your equipment and installation costs under one contract- let us do all the work for you from design to installation to 24/7 warranty-network administration
  • Check for damage to any equipment during shipment
  • Record serial numbers for all equipment
  • Set up equipment in the prestage area
  • Plug/connect all equipment based on client configuration
  • Run ID-specific programming to meet client configuration
  • Install software and/or client-defined image
  • Configure system and software
  • Test systems
  • Run diagnostics and customer-provided tests, including tests of input and output devices
  • Repackage components
  • Clearly label components
  • Perform asset tag management
  • Ship to locations per client instructions

On & Offsite Service

ATEK Communications service comes with a guarantee of quality and a commitment to support. Because we feel so strongly about professionally serving our clients, we offer on and offsite services designed to meet your needs:

Onsite-Project Management-IT Services-Installations

    ATEK has available 24-hour, 7-days a week dispatching by field-trained support staff.

    ATEK has professional, helpful technicians who arrive on time and in uniform.

    ATEK provides customized software that allows you to monitor and document progress in real-time and at your convenience.

    ATEK will provide Short- or long-term onsite IT Sevices and project management-that frees up your staff.

Offsite-Project Management-IT Services-Installations

    ATEK has available 24-hour, 7-days a week dispatching by field-trained support staff.

    ATEK's Help Desk services available- 24/7 services available.

    ATEK's Level I support for immediate solutions on a remote basis.

    ATEK's Level II support includes remote solutions and dispatched technicians.

    ATEK's Level III support with a technician dispatched to your location.

    ATEK's Level IV support with supervisory-management responsibilities.

Let our experienced project managers assist you in designing the right network.


*Information Technology: Call us at (866) 650-DATA

National Locations:

All fiber optic cabling system designs are reviewed and installations quality checked by a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD). This is a professional designation of the Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI). We ensure that the fiber optic cabling system design, components, and workmanship comply with the standards and practices of BICSI. These standards and practices are elaborated in the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, the EIA/TIA Telecommunications Building Wiring Standard, The National Fire Protection Assn., and the National Electrical Code (NFPA-70). Our fiber optic certifications, extensive experience on fiber optics installation, and knowledge of fiber optic technologies and standards are key factors in our successful delivery of fiber network solutions. leading fiber optic suppliers. Together we can deliver the solution that best meets your application needs, now and long term.

1***Network Cabling- Fiber Optics -Call us at (866) 650-DATA or click the chat button at the top of the page

Our Fiber Optic Services Include:

  • Design and Installation of Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Design and Installation of WDM-DWDB-CWDM- MRV Certified
  • Fiber Optic Termination
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • OSP Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • OSP Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • Central Office Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • Colo- (Colocation) Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • Light Interconnection Units and Fiber Shelves
  • Testing and Certifications
  • Fiber Tray and Raceway
  • Fiber Innerduct
  • Wall-mount and Freestanding Cabinets and Racks
  • Fiber Optic Fusion and Mechanical Splicing
  • Call us at (866) 650-DATA or (727) 547-2200 or click the chat button at the top of the page to talk to us
Our certified RCDDs a nd LAN/WAN Specialists work closely with contractors and end users to deliver the latest cabling technologies that best suit the needed applications

ATEK Communications, a proven data contractor can provide you with a complete set of structured cabling installation services. With our ongoing training through BICSI and our manufacturer partners, you are assured that our technicians adhere to all the latest EIA/TIA standards. ATEK now also offers certified CISCO CCIE network services.

This insures that you will get maximum bandwidth and performance from your cable plant. Your network is only as good as your weakest link. Remember that even if you have purchased the best cabling on the market today, it doesn't guarantee that you will get maximum performance and throughput that it was engineered for.

Your cabling must be installed by a technician who understands and adheres to all the latest EIA/TIA standards. ATEK Communications is a cabling contractor that is Leviton certified on structured cabling EIA-TIA 568 A&B Standards that provides structured cabling contracting services, network design & installation, gigabit ethernet switch installation, smart home installations,cable testing, telephone systems and Cisco CCIE network installations. See our section on cabling standards.

New England Services- Coming soon!

California Offices Northern CA (925) 944-0777

California Offices Southern CA (213) 455-0578 or (619) 573-4164

Tampa Bay - St. Pete Florida Offices (866) 650-DATA or (727) 547-2200


ATEK Communications, an established national data contractor and national data integrator offers the federal government, local, state and county gobernments trained, experienced government cabling systems technicians along with design-build structured cabling contractors in the USA. We also provide security clearances if needed if required- please email or call is at (888) 909-ATEK.

From California to Florida to New York and Virginia you can be sure you be be provided the most experienced fiber cable installations, fiber testing, data cabling, IT support, VOIP phone and phone system providers and data cabling contractors in the United States offering a multitude of data  communications services from design-build structured cabling infrastructure, LAN- WAN integration, long haul fiber optic cable  installation to IT support and service. ATEK Communications has offices throughout the US offers competitive regional and local data cabling rates allows us to tailor cabling and installation rates to meet your needs. ATEK has fiber optic crews specializing in fiber optic installations. Our fiber technicians are trained in intricate fiber cable installations, fiber cable terminations , fiber cable fusion splicing services and FTTH- design -build services. We have on staff BICSI trained and certified RCDD's should you need one for certifications. We have very competitive rates for our fiber optic installers. ATEK Communications has several manufacturer data contractor certifications offer you and your company "end to end" solutions for several manufacturers. Call for details at (888) 909-ATEK.

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Outside Plant Cable Testing And Cable Certificafication- More Info

Fiber Characterization FiberCertifications For New & Existing Cable Plant-More Info

Fiber Cable Testing and Certification For Commercial,Data Centers and Carriers-More Info

Das Wireless Services- More Info

Strucured Cabling Services- More Info

National Telecommunications Roll Out Services- More Info

ATEK Communications has recently teamed up with one of our national partners to roll out a 750 nursing home DAS wireless network. The fiber backbone was installed then ethernet sent to the nursing stations using media converters to CAT6 cable and to WAP's throughout the facilities. Please call (888) 909-ATEK for more information

Whether you require CAT 5e-CAT6 Cabling -Fiber Cabling-FIber Testing- Fusion Splicing - Emergency Restoration-Coax -Broadband cable for Tower Cell cabling to DAS Wireless to OSP- Outside Plant-Trenching and Directional Boring- We have technicians located throughout the USA that can do the project on time and on budget. We also have IT Cisco CCNA, RCDD's and phone system engineers on staff to help you.

We have local crews and can offer competitive rates to meets your financial needs. We will do our best to meet or beat all local rates offered by reputable companies.

Distributed Antenna Systems-Das Installation-Das Installers

New Atlanta Location Serving The Southeast- Ask About Our Biometric Security Systems (866) 650-3282 or (727) 547-2200



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