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Projects: Voice- Data- Fiber- DAS- FTTH- OSP- Fiber Splicing and Termination

Looking for qualified sub -contracting companies throughout the USA and Hawaii that can work small to large scale projects including and not limited to extending Dmarc's and T-1's, telephone system (analog, digital and VOIP), structured cabling, DAS- Distributed Antenna Systems, fiber termination, fusion splicing, cable certification , (Fiber Characterization), AWP- wireless and wireless backhaul and FTTH which will include PONS, OSP, fiber terminations (Triple Play).

We would like to team up with local, regional and national voice and data companies coast to coast including Alaska and Hawaii that can do small 1-2 day projects to larger scale outside plant FTTH and data center work.

We will require Certificate of Insurance (COI),licensed where applicable, types of technician or technical capability, scope of work and capabilities, geographical reach, what test equipment you carry such as power meter, light source, OTDR ( Type of Fiber termination kits) CAT 5e and CAT 6 -6A test equipment and cable certifiers, and wireless testers.

ATEK is called daily for projects ranging from small office cable runs, telephone system moves, add, changes, new VOIP systems, voice data integration, wireless, fiber cable installations, splicing, termination and testing and certification to FTTH and national roll outs.

We are looking for reliability,  quality, consistency, flexibility, and  geographical reach with local, regional and national partners to work with on short and long term projects.
Some projects and same day and are emergency calls for data, phone, fiber repair and this same day service can be billed out for higher rates.
And we also have projects to service for multiple day/ weekly projects  and large scale roll outs and FTTH projects.

Please look at our website at and email us at if interested.




Outside Plant Cable Testing And Cable Certificafication- More Info

Fiber Characterization FiberCertifications For New & Existing Cable Plant-More Info

Fiber Cable Testing and Certification For Commercial,Data Centers and Carriers-More Info

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ATEK Communications has recently teamed up with one of our national partners to roll out a 750 nursing home DAS wireless network. The fiber backbone was installed then ethernet sent to the nursing stations using media converters to CAT6 cable and to WAP's throughout the facilities. Please call (888) 909-ATEK for more information

Whether you require CAT 5e-CAT6 Cabling -Fiber Cabling-FIber Testing- Fusion Splicing - Emergency Restoration-Coax -Broadband cable for Tower Cell cabling to DAS Wireless to OSP- Outside Plant-Trenching and Directional Boring- We have technicians located throughout the USA that can do the project on time and on budget. We also have IT Cisco CCNA, RCDD's and phone system engineers on staff to help you.

We have local crews and can offer competitive rates to meets your financial needs. We will do our best to meet or beat all local rates offered by reputable companies.

Distributed Antenna Systems-Das Installation-Das Installers

New Atlanta Location Serving The Southeast- Ask About Our Biometric Security Systems (866) 650-3282 or (727) 547-2200

 ATEK Communications, an established performance based national data contractor and national data integrator is one of the most experienced design-build structured cabling contractors in the USA, from California to Florida to New York and Virginia you can be sure you be be provided the most experienced fiber cable installations, fiber testing, data cabling, IT support, VOIP phone and phone system providers and data cabling contractors in the United States offering a multitude of data  communications services from design-build structured cabling infrastructure, LAN- WAN integration, long haul fiber optic cable  installation to IT support and service. ATEK Communications has offices throughout the US offers competitive regional and local data cabling rates allows us to tailor cabling and installation rates to meet your needs. ATEK has fiber optic crews specializing in fiber optic installations. Our fiber technicians are trained in intricate fiber cable installations, fiber cable terminations , fiber cable fusion splicing services and FTTH- design -build services. We have on staff BICSI trained and certified RCDD's should you need one for certifications. We have very competitive rates for our fiber optic installers. ATEK Communications has several manufacturer data contractor certifications offer you and your company "end to end" solutions for several manufacturers. Call for details at (888) 909-ATEK.

ATEK Communications now offers wireless installation services and engineering for all the USA's 4G wireless networks. Please visit our new wireless page for 4G national rollouts. NEW NATIONAL 4 G WIRELESS ROLLOUT SERVICES. ATEK can provide a complete portfolio of wireless network services for municipalities, hospitals, resorts, campus environments and small business.

If you require local fiber testing or repair, regional or national fiber cable installation services including fiber cable design, fiber cable installations, fiber cable repair, fiber cable testing and fiber cable certifications please call us for your competitive rates. We offer national fiber services at local competitive rates. With our 30,000 national partner we can handle any fiber, data or phone system project anywhere in the USA at competitive rates.

,ATEK is also an  IT managed services provider, network integrator and interconnect company that provides structured data cabling contractor  installations, fiber optic cable installations, smart home installations, cable testing, telephone systems and Cisco CCIE network  installations and services. Since 2000, ATEK has WIFI, and wireless back haul solutions for the commercial and municipality market. Call us today at (888) 909- ATEK for information how we can transform your workspace or community to a revenue producing and technology "friendly" environment.

We have certified RCDD designers, Certified Network Specialists, and BICSI Technicians on staff to work as team to bring the  latest structured cabling standards (EIA/TIA 568A/A) and fiber optic cabling technologies to our customers. We also are a  licensed contractor in California with a C-10 electrical contractor's license which can also offer C-10 Electrical work in both  commercial and residential projects. Whether you are a design-build for a new data center, a new LAN/WAN network for a  college campus or a real estate developer looking for the latest in Smart Home Technology to offer their new homeowners the  latest in telecommunications services, you can be assured that ATEK Communications can handle all the details on time and on  budget. ATEK now has a FTTH (FTTH)design- build division to assist developers, cities and counties to achieve Triple -Play  FTTH payback for their fiber deployment in as little as 3 years.

ATEK has now opened a new National IT Integration task force to address the latest issues and newest technologies addressing network security, managed services, virtualization,SANS, IT security. SIP Trucking, T-1's, MPLS and more. Please call us for more details at (866) 650-3282.

National Rollouts-National Franchise Rollouts-National Chains-National Fiber Optic Cabling Services-National Data Cabling Services

ATEK provides design- build, installation , and certifications of copper, coax, wireless, optical or point to point laser communications (space optics), structured cabling and fiber optic cabling systems in central offices, POP sites, commercial, and residential sites. We also offer builders and developers a system to build ongoing revenue by installing "Smart Home" cabling into all new homes insuring the homeowner that his new home investment is technologically secure and will not become obsolete for a minimum

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ATEK provides design- build, installation , project management and certifications of copper, coax, wireless, optical or point to point laser communications (space optics), structured cabling and fiber optic cabling systems in central offices, POP sites, commercial, and residential sites. We also offer builders and developers a system to build ongoing revenue by installing FTTH design- Engineering and "Smart Home" cabling into all new homes insuring the homeowner that his new home investment is technologically secure and will not become obsolete for a minimum of 25 years. The Smart Home certified cables we install are made of CAT 5e or CAT 6, coax Cable, and multimode fiber optic cable. All installations are covered by a five year warranty minimum and qualifying systems are covered for up to 25 years. Cable certification testing is performed using state-of-the-art test equipment.

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