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In Tampa Bay- ST Petersburg or Florida Call (727) 547-2200 or Toll free (866) 650-DATA or email us with a scope of work for a FREE Quotation - Need Buildings Networked With Fiber Cable and Don't Know How To Do It? Got A Wireless Campus Project- A Restaurant That Needs WIFI? Security System? Need CAT 5E-6- 6A - Fiber Cables Tested? Call Us (727) 547-2200- Tampa (813) 344-2416

or click the via email We provide National Service at Local Tampa Bay Rates- Been in Business Over 35 Years-We Offer National Service At A Local Price- Free Estimates To Commercial Business

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In Tampa Bay -Tampa- St Pete- Clearwater-Need Structured Cabling- Network Cabling-Fiber Cable Testing or Termination Call US (727) 547-2200 -We Are A Fully Staffed Company and Have Live Project Managers To Assist You in Offering The Lowest Local Cabling Rates With National Service Levels- Call Us Today at (888) 909-ATEK!

ATEK Communications now offers competitive and guaranteed service rates for Tampa data cabling and Tampa wiring and fiber cabling services in the Tampa Bay including all CAT 5e, CAT 6, Coax, fiber cable, fiber testing, data cabling, all at competitive rates. Our Tampa Cabling services include fiber cable installation,network cabling, fiber optic installations, residential data and smart home services and a variety of industries structured cabling & IT services for companies, chain stores -or any organization. ATEK can assist a Tampa based chain, hospital , govenment agency or companies with multiple locations, such as franchises, drug stores, retail stores through our field offices and affiliated BICSI certified Tampa installers. All our technicians are fully versed in data cabling standards, and fiber optic distribution designs, testing, repair and installations. We have been serving the USA for over 20 years in phone system installtions,data contractor services and system integrationr specializing in quality network cabling and fiber optic cable installations. Our office is located in Clearwater and Tampa, Florida and are fully insured and use trained and certified technicians fully versed in BICSI standards, EIA/TIA industrynetwork certications. All our cabling and wiring work is guaranteed and available at the lowest market price.

ATEK Now Offers 4G Networking Services In Tampa

Contact Us ATEK's mail:  sales@atekcommunications.com
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We service all of Florida including Tampa Bay, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Bradenton and Sarasota and will provide services to other locations on a daily or project basis. Please call us first. ATEK specializes in all areas as a fiber optic cable installer of both OSP fiber optic cable installations- or underground fiber cable- to backbone structured cable fiber optic cable installations. ATEK also offers the ability to tie in the fiber optic cable installations to the Network Integration side of your cable plant through the use of fiber optic patch panels, fiber optic transceivers or fiber optic multiplexers that migrate the fiber optic light signals into recognizable data streams for copper based switches. ATEK can take any protocol -data line or signal from a T1 to OC-12 from the central office to the desktop.

St Petersburg Commercial Cabling Services We are an structured cabling specialist,IT services provider, network integrator and interconnect company that provides structured data cabling contractor installations, fiber optic cable installations, smart home installations, cable testing, telephone systems and Cisco CCIE network installations and services. Our certified RCDD, Certified Network Specialist and BICSI Technicians work as team to bring the latest structured cabling standards (ETA/TIA 568A/B) and fiber optic cabling technologies to our customers.We can offer you design or design- build services at affordable rates. Our network integration specialists are backed by seasoned teams of administrators, project managers, and technicians who are equipped to handle virtually any network installation project.
ATEK has in place regional staff to assist with all your questions and courteous, confidential and complimentary site surveys and estimations.

ATEK-Your 21st Century Data Contractor Offering National Data-IT -Fiber Services at a Local Price (888) 909-ATEK-Call Us at (888) 909- 2835 For Local Residential- Commercial- Carrier-Municipal or Government Cabling- LAN-WAN- National Roll Outs- Contractor-Network Integration- Cabling Contractors


 ATEK Communications, an established performance based national data contractor and national data integrator is one of the most experienced design-build structured cabling contractors in the USA, from California to Florida to New York and Virginia you can be sure you be be provided the most experienced fiber cable installations, fiber testing, data cabling, IT support, OSP- Outside plant, Security, VOIP phone and phone system providers and data cabling contractors in the United States offering a multitude of data  communications services from design-build structured cabling infrastructure, LAN- WAN integration, long haul fiber optic cable installation to IT support and service (SMB) ATEK Communications has offices throughout the US offers competitive regional and local data cabling rates allows us to tailor cabling and installation rates to meet your needs. ATEK has fiber optic crews specializing in fiber optic installations. Our fiber technicians are trained in intricate fiber cable installations, fiber cable terminations , fiber cable fusion splicing services and FTTH- design -build services. We have on staff BICSI trained and certified RCDD's should you need one for certifications. We have very competitive rates for our fiber optic installers. ATEK Communications has several manufacturer data contractor certifications to offer you and your company "end to end" solutions for several manufacturers.ATEK provides design- build, installation, project management and certifications of fiber cable,copper, coax, wireless, along with installations of optical or point to point laser communications (space optics). We provide structured cabling and fiber optic cabling systems in all 48 lower states for central offices, government, POP sites, commercial, and residential sites. We also offer builders and developers a system to build ongoing revenue by installing FTTH design- Engineering and "Smart Home" cabling into all new homes insuring the homeowner that his new home investment is technologically secure and will not become obsolete for a minimum of 25 years. The Smart Home certified cables we install are made of CAT 5e or CAT 6, coax Cable, and multimode fiber optic cable. All installations are covered by a five year warranty minimum for product or cable failure and qualifying systems are covered for up to 25 years. Cable certification testing is performed using state-of-the-art test equipment. Call for details at (888) 909-ATEK FAQ's

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ATEK Communications has recently teamed up with one of our national partners to roll out a 750 nursing home DAS wireless network. The fiber backbone was installed then ethernet sent to the nursing stations using media converters to CAT6 cable and to WAP's throughout the facilities. Please call (888) 909-ATEK for more information

Whether you require CAT 5e-CAT6 Cabling -Fiber Cabling-FIber Testing- Fusion Splicing - Emergency Restoration-Coax -Broadband cable for Tower Cell cabling to DAS Wireless to OSP- Outside Plant-Trenching and Directional Boring- We have technicians located throughout the USA that can do the project on time and on budget. We also have IT Cisco CCNA, RCDD's and phone system engineers on staff to help you.

We have local crews and can offer competitive rates to meets your financial needs. We will do our best to meet or beat all local rates offered by reputable companies.

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ATEK is also an  IT managed services provider, network integrator and interconnect company that provides structured data cabling contractor  installations, fiber optic cable installations, smart home installations, cable testing, telephone systems and Cisco CCIE network  installations and services. Since 2000, ATEK has WIFI, and wireless back haul solutions for the commercial and municipality market. Call us today at (888) 909- ATEK for information how we can transform your workspace or community to a revenue producing and technology "friendly" environment. We have certified RCDD designers, Certified Network Specialists, and BICSI Technicians on staff to work as team to bring the  latest structured cabling standards (EIA/TIA 568A/A) and fiber optic cabling technologies to our customers. We also are a  licensed contractor in California with a C-10 electrical contractor's license which can also offer C-10 Electrical work in both  commercial and residential projects. Whether you are a design-build for a new data center, a new LAN/WAN network for a  college campus or a real estate developer looking for the latest in Smart Home Technology to offer their new homeowners the  latest in telecommunications services, you can be assured that ATEK Communications can handle all the details on time and on  budget. ATEK now has a FTTH (FTTH)design- build division to assist developers, cities and counties to achieve Triple -Play  FTTH payback for their fiber deployment in as little as 3 years.

ATEK has now opened a new National IT Integration task force to address the latest issues and newest technologies addressing network security, managed services, virtualization, SANS, IT security. SIP Trucking, T-1's, MPLS and more. Please call us for more details at (866) 650-3282.

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