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Computer to Switch Switch to KVM Expansion

Computer to switch cables connect between the video, keyboard, and mouse ports on a computer to the CPU ports on a switch. They are available for PC's, Sun, Apple, USB, SGI, RS/6000, A/T, and other computer platforms.


Switch to a KVM station cables connect between the keyboard, monitor, and mouse cable connectors to the KVM ports on a switch. They are available for PC's, Sun, Apple, USB, SGI, RS/6000, and other KVM platforms. Expansion cables are used to cascade one switch to another switch in an expanded topology. Cable types are designed for the type of KVM switch used in an expanded system.



Switch to Switch Switch to Monitor (Video only) CAT5
Switch to Switch cables are used on specific Rose products to cascade units together. Specific applications requiring only video switching use the Switch to Monitor cables. They are available for VGA and 13W3 connections with audio option.

These cables are used to connect between products that have RJxx connectors or to extend the distance between products up to 1,000 feet.




Fiber Serial Printer / Misc

Rose offers singlemode and multimode optical fiber cables in lengths up to 33,000 feet. These cables are used with our fiber extender product line.


Our line of Serial cables interface to DCE and DTE equipment, serial printers, terminals, a computer's serial port, and other serial devices. These cables interface a printer or parallel PC to a switch.