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RCS-2RS - Remote Control Switch, 2 Buttons


Remote Control Switch™


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Remote Control Switch™
Remote push button switching
Remotely switch a KVM port to any CPU port
Connects directly to RS232 port using a single cable
Compatible with Rose Electronics UltraMatrix, UltraConsole, UltraView, ServeView, and MultiVideo

    FEATURES AND BENEFITS the remote control switch ADVANTAGE...
  • Simple push-button operation

  • Easy installation

  • Button LEDs illuminate when selected

  • No set-up or configuration required

  • Plugs into the RS232 port of a Rose KVM switch

  • Multiple options available:
    • DB9 or RJ11 Serial Interface
    • Panel-Mount Version
    • External Power

  • Models and options:
    • 2 Button - Supports 2 port switches
    • 4 Button - Supports 4 port switches

  • The RCS “Stand Alone” version is small and can be mounted just about anywhere

  • The RCS “Panel Mount” version is for recessed mounting and comes with industrial/commercial “EOS™” (square) buttons

The Remote Control Switch™ (RCS) provides quick and easy switching.  With the push of a button the user can switch to the desired CPU port.

It is designed for system applications where
remote switching of different computers to a common workstation is needed.

Ideally suited for video switching applications,
or for security, command and control.

Operations are made easy by using the push button features of the RCS system.


Typical Application



Product Part Number Description
RCS-2RS Remote Control Switch, 2 Buttons
RCS-4RS Remote Control Switch, 4 Buttons


RJ11F Serial Interface
/D9    DB9M Serial Interface

Panel Mount w/ EOS Buttons

/SW Optional Power Supply
Cable Part Number Description
CAB-04RJnnn UltraCable, PC to Switch, DB25M to VGA-PS/2 Keyboard + Mouse
CAB-D9Mnnn UltraCable Hi-Res, PC to Switch, DB25M to VGA-PS/2 Keyboard + Mouse
ACC-ATRX UltraCable Hi-Res, PC to Switch, DB25M to VGA-AT Keyboard + Serial Mouse